How we go with B2B Web Design

All our B2B website designing process start with understanding your business objective you want to achieve. We research your business domain profoundly and get an idea based upon following informations.

 Your market segment.

  Your target audience.

  Who are your competitors ?

  Where you relatively positioned in your business domain ?

Once we collect the information in previous step, We proceed for planning a custom based B2B web design with latest web 2.0 technology having fluid layout optimized for different portable devices including mobile phones. What we plan thoroughly depends on information from previous step and also consider any suggestions you offer to us for inclusion.

 On-Page optimized B2B layout.

 Content management system.

 Social promotional tools.

 Forms, Newsletters, Blogs and RSS Feed.

We finalize all B2B web design after consulting our clients and explaining the benefits to their objectives. After this we look for executing the project by making the website live.

 Train your staff on content update.

 Submission to search engines.

  Putting webmaster tags on website.

 Generating google analytics code for your website.

 Testing and looks for any error and making corrections.

We monitor and analyze your B2B Website performance and generate reports about users behavior by interacting with your website.

Wherever applicable we take all the corrective or optimized steps to align your website performance with your business objectives.

How your B2B website gets a competitive edge ?

To whom your business is targeted ? Is it visually attractive ?

A business to business target audience lie in a niche category and in general not addressing to the end customers either. When we take into consideration for a B2B website design, We should keep in mind how our audience can interact and engage with our B2B website. A great design and layout is only half of the whole picture of a successful B2B website. It must have well placed information about your products and services accessible to your website visitors and also include how quickly they can get in touch with the concerned department. The point here is to remember that a B2B website should look really informative and address the concern of your target audience. A great B2B website should reflect the business theme and business philosophy as well.

Great B2B websites have balanced visual content well placed which inspires engagement and interaction of the visitors. A picture tells more than words and is equally applicable on great website designs but need to remember one thing that access of everything is bad and so placing big images will take more time to download and will affecting the bounce rates adversely.

Is it responsive ? Is it gaining visitors trust ?

A flexible layout has become a significant factor for a successful B2B website design. Business owners or targeted audiences use multiple devices at different times of a day and hence if your B2B website is responsive and having well optimized design, it lets them undergo great experience in getting engaged with your businesses and maximizes your ROI. Responsive websites broaden your customer reach and in turn grow inbound traffic to your websites which in turn maximizes your sales objectives.

Gaining visitors trust is an important factor of website design. A great B2B website should look trustworthy and well optimized. Its equally important that your website need to satisfy the users query in best manner. A well optimized B2B website should have all internal links well placed. Apart from that it should have significant social bookmarking, live chat, contact forms and contact addresses. Adding a address or office location map will do a great engaging experience for visitors.

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