Optimize campaigns with adwords conversion offline sales import

Adwords conversion tracking has integrated conversion offline sales import offline sales conversion importfeature which will let advertisers to import their offline sales data to make the conversion tracking report capable of measuring and optimizing their campaigns.

Mostly, Your adwords ads are not there just to count impressions against a given keyword or multiple clicks of no avail. You want your ads to receive clicks and result in some predefined conversion. Conversion tracking in adwords let you know what specific searched keywords lead your ads getting clicks and result in conversion. Here conversion means any of your objective you set for placing an ad. This may be an inquiry form fill up, newsletter sign up, a online purchase or an actual sales made offline.

Its ok if your visitors call to action path remains online but what about when it goes offline. For example if your visitors click your ad and land on the inquiry or contact us form, fill it and send to receive a call back from your sales agent. What will happen to your conversion metrics authenticated report when he actually receives a call.

You set your conversion as a callback from sales department but the conversion report will not show whether a call back is made or not. Its clearly not be able to present the exact data related to keyword and conversion in terms of sale qualification.

Keeping this flaws in mind google adwords is facilitating users to upload offline sales or any other actions in the report to make it more exact and revealing. This is why adwords has integrated a new feature in conversion metrics which let advertisers to import offline sales data to measure and optimize the actual conversion.

For example, You have a business website for car rental services. You use adwords ads to drive traffic to your website. Now lets you have recently started your operation in mumbai. Through keyword research you find “car rental mumbai” as your targeted keyword. Apart from that you also selects “rent a car mumbai”. Your ads campaign starts and you receives a number of  inquiries for booking a car. You have already set a conversion where actual sales is happening. You have two payment option for booking a car. The first one is online payment option where users can pay by credit card and the second option is on the spot payment. Now, Its easy for you to find out which of your keywords are leading to online payment and getting converted in sales, but you find it difficult to track how many inquiries actually converted in sales. You may have received a number of inquiries  where a sale is not done or prospects change his mind or cancel booking for whatsoever reasons.

On the contrary, you may have actual sales where customer pays on the spot but you find it difficult to track those sales data through conversion metrics as those are not reflected in conversion tracking report. This is why in turn you will not be able to optimize your campaign as you  find it complex which of the the two targeted keywords drive more sales  for both online and offline conversion.

Here google adwords has provided an integrated feature which allow advertisers to upload offline sales conversion in specific format to align with online sales conversion tracking report. This integrated feature will enable adwords users measure and optimize their campaigns more effectively than earlier. Now they will able to find which of the keywords are highly performing in terms of sales conversion and which are not. Then they will accordingly adjust the bids to optimize their campaigns.

Google adwords has provided step by step directions to get started, check out this article on how to import your offline conversions.