Adwords custom affinity audiences roll out

Google adwords is consecutively evolving in order to let advertisers optimize their campaign conversion rate and so stepping ahead in this chain it sets to roll out a new

custom affinity audiences

feature custom affinity audiences which will provide an edge over selecting current targeting audiences. The custom affinity audiences is one step ahead of what affinity and in-market audiences provide to the advertisers. The purpose is to provide the advertisers more customization options to reach their target audiences exactly the way they want and which augments the likeability of conversion.

While the affinity targeting is linked with broader interest group for your ads message, The custom affinity audiences feature let your message reach to those who are actively looking for the purpose of your ads. You can create your targeting list based on those groups whom have recently shown aligned interests with the purpose of your advertisement campaign. This will let your campaign get optimize your conversion rate and so your ROI maximizes.

The custom affinity audiences works across multiple devices on google display network and can be used to show your ads to exactly those who have recently shown their passion and interest in products or services you offer.  For example, if you sell flowers on your website, Then you can use custom affinity audiences to create your ads and reach those exactly who have recently looked for flowers over different websites using single or multiple devices. if you have custom affinity audiences list, then you can also offer them discounts like “20% off on roses” and maximizes your sales conversion.