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Google analytics real time insights and actions

Real time in google analytics is a significant tool to know how visitors interact with your website and how using different parameter analysis available in real time metrics can reveal great insights and area of improvement for your website.   Real time is an important feature and if used effectively, can tell a lot about your inbound traffic. Weather you have started a PPC campaign, or posted a blog recently or optimized few highly competitive keywords, you can always analyze the impact in real time. Continue reading →

Cohort analysis feature in google analytics

Cohort analysis feature in google analytics has enriched its users with more actionable information about site visitors buying behavior. The cohorts on a given metrics can provide web analysts great insights valuable for drilling deep into the changing trends in a given period of time. It simplifies the data analysis by splitting them into specific groups which enhances the prospect of more specific actionable information further adding value to the purpose of a particular goal. Google analytics inclusion of cohort analysis as of now in Continue reading →

What’s new in google upgraded tag manager

Recently google has upgraded tag manager adding several new features making tag management on websites more easy. The purpose for this up gradation is to provide a more robust and flexible tagging platform which can provide users more customization options aligning with their specific requirement.  More third party templates Google tag manager not only supports tags from different google products but also tags from third parties. Extending the support for this the updraded tag manager will have availability for more third parties templates which you Continue reading →

How twitter cards add value to your brand

Twitter cards are great for several reasons and the most important is that it let your tweets  adds value to your brand and keep it stand out of the box. Twitter allows your tweets to be limited to 140 characters only and when you struggle with number of characters to bring that under the given limitation, sometimes its difficult to decide what to omit and what to include and here twitter cards show their significance.There are multiple twitter cards available each having specific purpose to Continue reading →

Adwords custom affinity audiences roll out

Google adwords is consecutively evolving in order to let advertisers optimize their campaign conversion rate and so stepping ahead in this chain it sets to roll out a new feature custom affinity audiences which will provide an edge over selecting current targeting audiences. The custom affinity audiences is one step ahead of what affinity and in-market audiences provide to the advertisers. The purpose is to provide the advertisers more customization options to reach their target audiences exactly the way they want and which augments the Continue reading →

How to create a custom report in google analytics

Custom report in google analytics: How to create a custom report in google analytics. Custom report in google analytics enhance your experience the way standard reports insights provide you about your website performance. Custom reports are of great value and enable you to dig deep into your website performance either on the basis of a specific parameter or a combination of few. You can create your own custom reports in google analytics whatever pertinent to your website analytics requirement. Let’s check it out how to Continue reading →

Google search celebrates 15 years with smarter algorithm

Google search celebrates 15 years with smarter algorithm today. The most visited and popular among all google products, google search turns 15 today and has came across a long way since its introduction in 1998. Google search during these years has undergone consecutive improvement in the way search algorithms behind the scene work and has provided billion of internet users with enhanced experience in their search queries. Today when users have the option to access internet across multiple devices, The demand for unified search experience Continue reading →

Pinterest planning promoted pins as part of its advertising program

The pin board style photo sharing website pinterest is planning to launch promoted pins as part of its advertisement program. The announcement made by Ben Silbermann, CEO & Co-Founder of pinterest in their official blog post on Thursday. The leading interest socializing website pinterest, which allows users to categorize their theme based images collection, browse other pinboard for images and even re-pin images to their own pinboard, will experiment promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses. The initiative will ensure revenue generation for Continue reading →

Google analytics drops support for internet explorer 8

Three months down the line google analytics will drop out support for internet explorer 8 from its browsers compatible lists. Internet explorer 8 will no longer officially compatible with google analytics says later in an announcement made in their official blog post on Monday. The initiative will not only shift google analytics team focus on accelerating pace for the development of more innovative products for GA users but also provide an opportunity to adopt new web technologies in the design of analytics products. Google analytics Continue reading →

Google doodle celebrates leon foucault 194th birthday

Google doodle celebrates leon foucault 194th birthday today. Commemorating the great physicists from france best known for his famous invention the foucault pendulum, a device demonstrating the effect of earth’s rotation, google depicts in liew of its logo, the same in an animated style on its home page. Born on September 18th 1819, in paris to a publisher family, he got his early education at home and enrolled in medicine which he abandoned due to hemophobia. Later, He chose physics and initially worked on the improvement Continue reading →

Google doodle remembers subbulakshmi

Google doodle remembers M.S. subbulakshmi on her 97th birthday, the great carnatic vocalist who was the first  musician ever to be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor. Born in madurai to a musician family on 16th September 1916, started learning Carnatic music at an early age from her mother who belong to devdashi community was a music exponent and a regular stage performer. M.S subbulakshmi was also the first indian musician to receive the Ramon Magsaysay award, often considered Asia’s Nobel Prize, in Continue reading →

Google Edx team up to develop open source mooc platform.

Google is teaming up with Edx to develop an open source platform known as open Edx to further enhance later online education website mooc. The announcement made by Dan Clancy, Director of Research for google in their official blog on Tuesday. This will help Edx owned getting google engineers expertize and their experience with course builder in further developing a sophisticated platform where  universities, businesses, individual or academic institutions will be able to offer their courses online and available to keens across the world. Continue reading →

Optimize campaigns with adwords conversion offline sales import

Adwords conversion tracking has integrated conversion offline sales import feature which will let advertisers to import their offline sales data to make the conversion tracking report capable of measuring and optimizing their campaigns. Mostly, Your adwords ads are not there just to count impressions against a given keyword or multiple clicks of no avail. You want your ads to receive clicks and result in some predefined conversion. Conversion tracking in adwords let you know what specific searched keywords lead your ads getting clicks and result Continue reading →

Google doodle tributes cricket legend John Wisden 187th birthday

Commemorating the 187th birthday of english cricket legend john wisden  who played 187 first class cricket matches for three different English county cricket teams, Kent, Middlesex and Sussex, Google doodle tributes him today by changing its logo featuring john wisden batting style on its home page. The google altered logo theme color yellow is a tribute to famous cricket magazine wisden launched by him in 1864, a year after his retirement, often referred as the “Bible of cricket” and is considered the world’s most famous Continue reading →

Remove broken url from google search results

Google keep crawling your website at regular interval and accordingly  updates its index. Its often you find many a url’s in search results either going no where or result in 404 error. These bad or broken url obviously irritate visitors because they find these url’s against their query and they click it expecting that would land them to the content where their query get answered. It hampers the website reputation negatively affecting your SEO effort adversely. The best solution for this problem is either use Continue reading →