Adwords custom affinity audiences roll out

Google adwords is consecutively evolving in order to let advertisers optimize their campaign conversion rate and so stepping ahead in this chain it sets to roll out a new feature custom affinity audiences which will provide an edge over selecting current targeting audiences. The custom affinity audiences is one step ahead of what affinity and in-market audiences provide to the advertisers. The purpose is to provide the advertisers more customization options to reach their target audiences exactly the way they want and which augments the Continue reading →

Optimize campaigns with adwords conversion offline sales import

Adwords conversion tracking has integrated conversion offline sales import feature which will let advertisers to import their offline sales data to make the conversion tracking report capable of measuring and optimizing their campaigns. Mostly, Your adwords ads are not there just to count impressions against a given keyword or multiple clicks of no avail. You want your ads to receive clicks and result in some predefined conversion. Conversion tracking in adwords let you know what specific searched keywords lead your ads getting clicks and result Continue reading →

Adwords paid and organic reporting | Adwords webmasters tool linking

Adwords being a leading google product with its own objective has tools available which let advertisers integrate and use the functionality of other google products like webmasters tool and google analytics. If you are a digital marketing enthusiastic , You may find webmasters tool a significant one  and thats why adwords provides you to add your webmasters account with adwords account. So, First of all We will see how to link your webmaster tools account to your adwords account for paid and organic statistics reporting. Continue reading →

Adwords keyword planner forecasts your campaign peformance

Adwords is well equipped with several effective tools which let advertisers enhance their online advertisementexperience. Adding to this is adwords keyword planner which almost forecasts your campaign performance prior to its going live. As an efficient research tool, it includes several features which let users view in advance how their campaigns will perform against a particular set of keywords and on a given range of bid price for CPC. Adwords keyword planner definitely having an edge over keyword tool as the former has enhanced functionality Continue reading →

Google new maps application version enhances local ads experience

Recently updated google new maps application version for iphone,android and ipad offers effective and result oriented platform for adwords local ads advertisers. Google new maps application version has integrated enhanced feature where relevant ads will show below on the device screen and include a title,ad text and a link to get direction.Further details is available as click to “get details” against standard CPC charge for adwords advetisers.When users click on “get location details” they can see more information about the ads which may include the Continue reading →

Google adwords upgraded quality score feature

Google adwords upgraded quality score feature related to specific keywords few days ago and now it has included three indicators such as expectedclick through rates , ad relevance and landing page experience which help you find the impact on your ads quality score for specific keywords. So,how these factors signify your overall quality score for a particular keyword in connection of your ads under a given ad group? First of all you need to know about adwords quality score feature and its relative importance in Continue reading →

Maximize your ROI using adwords enhanced campaign

People these days not sticking to one device and frequently switching from one to another depending upon type of usage in order to remain in touch with others,find what they are looking for, from a range of products and services and of course not to forget the entertainment aspect associated with it. We say its a integrated technology era but what about the integrated technology being frequently accessed by multiple devices in day to day cycle and how to match their requirement with the offers Continue reading →

Making your first adword campaign

Google adwords let you make and display your advertisement related to specific keywords of your product or service in the search result. If you new to adwords and looking for exploring  its power in online advertisement , this article is for you. here we will see how you can create your first adword campaign from scratch. If you already have a gmail account then you can visit and log in with your gmail id to google adwords account. you will show your dashboard screen.  here Continue reading →