Remove broken url from google search results

Google keep crawling your website at regular interval and accordingly  updates its index. Its often you find many a url’s in search results either going no where or result in 404 error. These bad or broken url obviously irritate visitors because they find these url’s against their query and they click it expecting that would land them to the content where their query get answered. It hampers the website reputation negatively affecting your SEO effort adversely. The best solution for this problem is either use Continue reading →

Five effective ways to enhance your online brand

Enhancing your online brand is an important part of your online marketing activity. Time comes when you find your online brand visibility is just stagnant and not giving you expected results in terms of inbound traffic related brand perception and also hampering your bottom line despite of all your effort you put in creating ad campaigns, Here I mention five effective ways which help you enhance your online brand:- Go for responsive web design In the era of multiple devices( laptops,desktop,tabs,mobile phones) availability, going for Continue reading →

Using canonical link for SEO

In web development world we often come across multiple pages having highly or almost similar content . This is something we need to tackle specifically in best manner from SEO point of view. Pages can have similar content and its not a web development best practices aberration but if ignored can hinder your objective of ranking high in search engines.So why search engines take this seriously. The highly complicated algorithm of search engines while crawling your website finds for unique content and index accordingly but Continue reading →

Brand value as new ranking factor post penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 is over but not the worry of thousand of webmasters all over the world. The reason is simply priority change in search algorithms.Not many days has gone when you wake up early , entered your keywords and found your webpages you never expected they lie there below PR10 and lower. What happened to the algorithms based on which you put all your hard work day by day for sufficiently long to bring your own or your clients website ranked high and ultimately your Continue reading →

Guest posting as link building strategy

Link building is something establishing trust and growing reputation of your website.its one of the most significant off page optimization.The number of inbound links not only direct traffic towards your website but also establish trust among visitors.Every inbound link is like a vote in the glance of search engine crawlers and let them rank your website in search results.However link building strategy should have its own limitation and must be with in the prescribed purview.                                                                     There are several ways you can build links for Continue reading →

Best Onpage SEO Practices

So you have decided to bring your business online and planning to launch a website. This is the point where you should start thinking about your SEO strategy. It should go in hand with your website development plan to get a competitive advantage as well as  save  time to be ranked high in search engine results. SEO is a complex task and time taking. its not like an overnight job and you expect from your seo agency to provide you top ranking in few hours Continue reading →