How twitter cards add value to your brand

Twitter cards are great for several reasons and the most important is that it let your tweets  adds value to your brand and keep it stand out of the box. Twitter allows your tweets to be limited to 140 characters only and when you struggle with number of characters to bring that under the given limitation, sometimes its difficult to decide what to omit and what to include and here twitter cards show their significance.There are multiple twitter cards available each having specific purpose to Continue reading →

Social networking tops online screen time share in india

With mounting numbers of smartphone users combined with easily accessible different social networking applications, Social networking media has captured large share of total online screen time in india. Recently published comScore’s report on “India’s digital future in focus-2013” reveals that Indians have surpassed social networking media screen time with 25% against worldwide average of 20%. Adding to this india still stands behind russia with 33% and brazil with 38%. However, India is much ahead of china which holds only 3% of total screen time. Other Continue reading →

How to create a twitter widget for your website

Creating a twitter widget for any public timeline and putting that on your website is a great idea. How twitter widget on your website not only let your visitors aware about what is happening around the corner concerned with your website but also delivers them great interactive experience with your twitter timeline. Twitter is a pioneer among social media websites and hence plays a significant role in attracting traffic to your website. With twitter widget on your website, your visitors can do all the stuff Continue reading →

Social media marketing is on rise in india

Social media marketing in india is on rise and gaining popularity among Indian corporates and  this trend is not confined to only companies into online products and services but extended to manufacturing to real estate and agro-based industries to hospitality. Gradually they are also realizing the power of social media in creating awareness about their products and services. However, use of social media as a platform related to brand identity rather than just focusing on targeted revenue is  prevalent among companies from all sectors. The Continue reading →