Cohort analysis feature in google analytics

Cohort analysis feature in google analytics has enriched its users with more actionable information about site visitors buying behavior.


The cohorts on a given metrics can provide web analysts great insights valuable for drilling deep into the changing trends in a given period of time. It simplifies the data analysis by splitting them into specific groups which enhances the prospect of more specific actionable information further adding value to the purpose of a particular goal.

Google analytics inclusion of cohort analysis as of now in BETA supports only acquisition date cohorts on multiple selected and customized segments is a great integration for web analysts.

I am presenting a simple example, How cohort analysis can help making critical decisions related to a specific purpose.

The Question

An E-commerce company wants to know the behavior of its new version mobile application users to purchase a product in last 7 days. The company has recently integrated a popular payment gateway and  also offering 10% cash back on check out using the same.

The Decision to be taken

Once the company will have an insight about the given cohorts, they further decide whether to increase the promotional budget for the new version download or keep it as it is.

Cohort Size

Cohort size is simply the number of users specific to a given time period. It can be “by day” , “by week” or “by month”. Here the company is looking for last seven day cohorts and so select “by day” as their cohort size.

Metrics to chose

Acquisition date by goal completion. Here a goal completion is already set as a check out using the mobile application of the company. Find out more about goal setting in my earlier post.

Date Range

Last seven days to select, since the new version of the application has been available for download.

cohort analysis

The Findings and the decision

The company finds from the cohort analysis that the number of new version of mobile application users have grown  by 25% on an average since its launch and registered growth in using the newly integrated payment gateway check out for transactions.

Since, they have got the answer to their question by subjecting the given set of data to cohort analysis, They decided to increase the promotion budget of marketing the new version of their mobile application.

Cohort analysis can be subjected to compare and analyze more complicated set of data by dividing them in specific cohorts and making use in critical decision making.