Google analytics real time insights and actions

Real time in google analytics is a significant tool to know how visitors interact with your website and how using different parameter analysis available in real time metrics can reveal great insights and area of improvement for your website.

Inbound traffic analysis in real time


Real time is an important feature and if used effectively, can tell a lot about your inbound traffic. Weather you have started a PPC campaign, or posted a blog recently or optimized few highly competitive keywords, you can always analyze the impact in real time.

In this blog, we will show you how we effectively drill deep into real time and made considerable changes to achieve the set objective for one of our client in online marketing research.

Our client recently published a research report about search trends for different e-commerce websites over various devices. The full report is available for purchase and targeted to different E-commerce websites, Marketing research firms, Educational institutions and interested individuals. The report has been published around 1000 HRS IST and our google analytics team started observing the inbound traffic to the website in real time. We observed that before the report went live on our clients website, The total number of visitors was 7 browsing to different pages and no visitor was on the home page. Although after the post went live for 10 minutes, We observed that non of the visitor moved to the home page, but in 12th minute two new visitors access the site home page where new post is notified in the form of excerpt.

Later on, after 5 minutes 3 more visitors join the full report page, but in the mean time only one of the total 7 visitor who were browsing the site before the report went live came to the home page and after few seconds went to the report page. We observed here that if a new post notification is available either as an alert or pop-up, then there would have more number of switch to home page.

After 30 minutes, 8 new visitors access the report page directly and when we checked the traffic source, We observed them coming from email link and social media. Now the question is why it takes 30 minutes to get traffic from subscribed users and social links ? The answer is whenever a new post is published, The subscribed users are automatically informed by email. Now the delay simply means the accessibility of their mail inbox is uncertain. At this point the total number of subscribed users is 114 and so the new post has received only 4 subscribed visitors after 30 minutes the report went live.

Is socially engaged ?

Although traffic from the social media can be analyzed on the basis of publication time and type of users or simply followers. That’s will take us to social media analytics and right now we are only focusing on real time analytics. The top social traffic source in real time analytics informs about the top active traffic from social media. This can be analyzed on the basis of what percentage of traffic are coming from what social network in real time. For example, If traffic from facebook has not been registered then think about tagging the post and observe the traffic.

Top Keywords “Not provided” vs others

Google is little bit liberal as far as revealing the keywords in real time has to be taken into consideration and that’s include the long tail keywords too,  which in changing search dynamics, are going to play more important role from SEO perspective. However, forget about getting any information on significant and competitive keywords, The nightmare for SEO enthusiastic  “not provided” still dominating that area. Anyway whatever keywords we get in real time, We can always make a list and check them against the respective page-rank. This will let us analyze the area of improvement, We need to take further action for the betterment of optimization.

Inbound traffic vs targeted location

One significant information real time provides is the geographic location of the traffic. Now for the sake simplicity we assume that one of our client sells cakes in mumbai. We know cakes are perishable items and so the inbound traffic coming to the website should be from mumbai itself for the shake of CRO. Real time provides valuable information regarding the quality of traffic in this case. Although, traffic from different locations is not just obsolete because may be someone wants to order a cake for his relative living in mumbai. However, if your business keywords are optimized for local SEO, and a considerable traffic is coming from local geography itself, your CRO will have a positive impact.

Internal Links and Engagement

Real time can reflect a lot about user engagement with your website. On what page they have landed and how they switch over to different pages of your website. It lets you understand in depth how well your internal links are built and more or less your content as well.

One thing to be noted here that whenever an user switch over the page, only the url of the current page will show under current top pages segment. Now let us analyze what inputs real time can provide us here. For the sake of simplicity, let us consider a popular mobile application in an online payment sector. The company website also have a blog section where periodically blogs are being posted providing information about latest trend in online payment segment and how they are adapting their application in terms of adding latest and more user friendly features in the changing online payment environment. This includes the robust and sophisticated but easy to use security features as well. The application is used by millions and so many of them frequently visit the blog section of the website to know about latest features.

Whenever a new blog is posted, Real time observation tells about the visitors interactions with your pages. The blog can have multiple links to other sections of your website including the upgrade or download link. Real time observation can tell more about the frequency of  switches from the blog pages to download or upgrade link and so to improve the link placement further, We can set content experiment and choose the best to improve internal link placements further optimizing the conversion rates.

Real time insights for real time actions

What real time insights signify is to take corrective actions in real time or in short period ( in minutes or hours ) in order to boost your set objective or simply CRO. E- commerce websites can use the potential of real time and increase their conversion. For example, highly de-accelerating inbound traffic in case of much awaited product launch going live may require to take immediate action against server overload status or 500 error. If they observe bounce rate for their landing page is growing in short span of time, They can use the insights of their marketing mix and add an additional discount in real time to grow their CRO.

Apart from this real time can present a lot more for diving deep into the behavior of your real time inbound traffic and let you make available grounds to take corrective measures in order to optimize your objectives.