Google doodle celebrates leon foucault 194th birthday

Google doodle celebrates leon foucault 194th birthday today. Commemorating the great physicists from france best known for his famous invention the foucault pendulum, a device doodle celebrates leonedemonstrating the effect of earth’s rotation, google depicts in liew of its logo, the same in an animated style on its home page.

Born on September 18th 1819, in paris to a publisher family, he got his early education at home and enrolled in medicine which he abandoned due to hemophobia. Later, He chose physics and initially worked on the improvement of L. J. M. Daguerre‘s photographic processes.

He also contributed measuring the speed of light and played a significant role in establishing a counter view against Newton‘s corpuscle theory of light. His contribution towards the working mechanism of eddy currents is also a milestone in physics world.

He died on on February 11, 1868 at an early age of  49 due to encephalomyelitis disseminata, an inflammatory disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged.

The french government paid its tribute to the great physicists by inscribing his name on  famous monument the Eiffel Tower.