Google Edx team up to develop open source mooc platform.

Google is teaming up with Edx to develop an open source platformedx harvard known as open Edx to further enhance later online education website mooc. The announcement made by Dan Clancy, Director of Research for google in their official blog on Tuesday.

This will help Edx owned getting google engineers expertize and their experience with course builder in further developing a sophisticated platform where  universities, businesses, individual or academic institutions will be able to offer their courses online and available to keens across the world.

Course builder which google launched last year as an experimental platform to understand the trends of online education and and published several online courses themselves along with other leading universities and institutions. In google official blog Dan clancy wrote ” This platform is helping to deliver on our goal of making education more accessible through technology, and enabling educators to easily teach at scale on top of cloud platform services “.

Online courses are gaining popularity over internet and offer a great learning platform to those willing to do a course offered by leading universities and academic institutions across the world but unable to enroll directly for whatsoever reasons. Google, with its highly developed infrastructure and research capabilities, will continue developing tools for  internet based learning platform, the outcomes of which will be shared directly to the online education community and the Open edX platform.

Edx is a non profit organization founded by MIT and Harward alumni with an objective of making available the best of higher education to students around the world. EdX offers  interactive online classes in various subjects and topics from science, engineering, management and humanities etc.