Remove broken url from google search results

Google keep crawling your website at regular interval and accordingly remove url for webmasters updates its index. Its often you find many a url’s in search results either going no where or result in 404 error. These bad or broken url obviously irritate visitors because they find these url’s against their query and they click it expecting that would land them to the content where their query get answered. It hampers the website reputation negatively affecting your SEO effort adversely. The best solution for this problem is either use your robots.txt file preventing google to crawl specific page or to remove broken url from google search results, you can place a removal request on webmasters tool in following easy steps:-

  1. Login to your webmasters tool.
  2. Find the site related with the target url to be removed.
  3. Click on the site url.
  4. On the left side navigation list, find google index and click to drop down.
  5. Click on remove URL’s.
  6. Click on create a new removal request.
  7. In the box, type the url you want to remove from the search results and click on continue. You should note that url’s are case sensitive and hence enter exactly using same capitalization and characters.
  8. In the next screen choose, remove pages from search results and cache.
  9. Click on submit request.

Your URL removal request is submitted to google and will get effective in some time. However, one thing need to be given due consideration here that you might still find the URL in the search result,

Not to worry, when  next time when google bot crawls your website, It will be removed completely from search results.

To check whether your request to remove broken url from google search results has been executed by google or not, follow the beneath steps:-

  1. Go to Google Index and drop down.
  2. Click on Remove URL’s.
  3. From the extreme right, drop down the show option.
  4. Select removed or All.
  5. Below you will find the list of url’s which have been removed.