How twitter cards add value to your brand

Twitter cards are great for several reasons and the most important is that it let your tweets  adds value to your brand and keep it stand out of the box. Twitter allows your tweets to be limited to 140 characters only and when you struggle with number of characters to bring that under the given limitation, sometimes its difficult to decide what to omit and what to include and how twitter cards add value to your brand here twitter cards show their significance.There are multiple twitter cards available each having specific purpose to serve your objective. Depending on what actually you want to display in your tweets, you can use either or all of them to promote different offering by your website.

Summary card

Summary card as the name suggests can be used to summarize your content in your card including an image on the right. This can be used for multiple purposes including blog posts, articles, an event, product or service related briefing etc. Summary card is also the default one among twitter cards. Your tweets include a summary card present a brief picture what all about your webpage is and if uses effectively can augment engagement and traffic to your website. The below tweet includes a summary card by hubspot which shows the summary of the latest blog post on their site.


Summary card with large image

Features similar to that of summary card but you can show it in your tweet using a bigger image than usual. This card is good for showing breaking news or an event where picture tells more than half of the whole story. My below tweet from TOI includes a summary card with larger picture.

Photo card

A photo card is great for your website promotion on twitter as it puts the image at the center in your tweet clicking on which lands you to detailed description and wider view of the image. Below tweet shows the photo card on tekinsol career page.

Gallery Card

Gallery card support multiple images limited to four in the tweet and thus informs viewers that the url can take them to a webpage having more than one image or a gallery of images. This card can be best used for promoting events, your latest or newly launched offer with pictures from different angles e.g. mobile phones. Gallery card can also include the attribution of the creator of the images below the gallery in your tweet. See how flickr gallery card is used to display beautiful images from their stock in a tweet with brief description.

gallery card

App card

If you have an application for mobile devices, App card will let you promote that effectively on twitter. The card is designed to include the Name, Icon, Rating, Price and Description of your application in your tweets. It can also include a download link. The below twitter mobile tweet is showcasing an app card with description and ratings.

apps card

Player card

Although twitter supports GIF images of given size you can use in your tweets but it does not fulfill the impact of a video clips or audio streams enabled tweet. Player card is ready for that purpose. However, Player card support for your website require your design to be responsive and can be able to work on all twitter clients  including Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, as well as on twitter and mobile client. Below is a player card for iTunes Music which showcase a video clips.

Product card

You can use a product card to display on twitter with a brief description, an image and other two important feature about the product. You will need to use an image greater or equal to 160 pixel by 160 pixel. Product card can best be used for a product or service website where you can display the offer with two key features and a brief description.Below is my tweet of our SEO Services page displaying as product card.

Twitter cards are there for driving engagement with your brand and augmenting inbound traffic to your blog or website. In either way, using twitter cards add value to your social brand building effort. In my next post I will discuss how to implement twitter cards on your website and how to measure its impact over your tweets using twitter analytics for cards.