Content experiment | How to set experiment in google analytics

Content experiment in google analytics provides insights about relative values of  different versions of your pages. By conducting an experiment on your landing page or a sign up page or any other set goal, you can optimize the performance the given page in terms of traffic augmentation, engagement and conversion. In my last blog, I have already discussed the benefits of experiment in google analytics. here, I will tell you how you can set experiment in google analytics. How to set experiment in google analytics. Continue reading →

Experiment in google analitics:Difference with A/B testing.

Experiment in google analytics under standard reporting is undoubtedly one step  ahead of what we call A/B testing. Where A/B testing lets you test with only two version of your page, Google analytics “Experiment” includes up to five version of your original page or the page you want to experiment with. Experiment in google analytics is a great tool to evaluate slightly or completely different versions of a page with the objective of identifying the outperformed one in terms of set goal. In web designing Continue reading →

Google Analytics filter: Exclude location in google analytics filter

Google analytics filter tool lets you apply multiple set of filters on different  attributes in order to make a customized analytics reporting. There may be a number of scenarios where you want some events or outcomes to include or exclude from google analytics reporting. For example, You want to exclude some location data from google analytics report. You can easily set filter tool to exclude location in google analytics. How to exclude location in google analytics filter. Login to your google analytics account. Go to Continue reading →

Cherish history as chrome celebrates march on washington

Google chrome celebrates march on washington and has invited you to be part of one of the 20th century most famous event. Almost 50 years ago, Dr. Martin luther king Jr. of United State of America delivered what most historians consider the greatest speech of the 20th century, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with his famous sentence “I have a dream.” You will cherish the great contemporary event by listening to the original recording of king’s word with great photographs of the event Continue reading →

Adwords paid and organic reporting | Adwords webmasters tool linking

Adwords being a leading google product with its own objective has tools available which let advertisers integrate and use the functionality of other google products like webmasters tool and google analytics. If you are a digital marketing enthusiastic , You may find webmasters tool a significant one  and thats why adwords provides you to add your webmasters account with adwords account. So, First of all We will see how to link your webmaster tools account to your adwords account for paid and organic statistics reporting. Continue reading →

Social networking tops online screen time share in india

With mounting numbers of smartphone users combined with easily accessible different social networking applications, Social networking media has captured large share of total online screen time in india. Recently published comScore’s report on “India’s digital future in focus-2013” reveals that Indians have surpassed social networking media screen time with 25% against worldwide average of 20%. Adding to this india still stands behind russia with 33% and brazil with 38%. However, India is much ahead of china which holds only 3% of total screen time. Other Continue reading →

Yahoo beats google for top position in unique web traffic received

Yahoo tops unique web traffic received for the month of july beating google for the first time since 2011. In a report published by comScore, A leading company in digital measurement and analytics, Yahoo beats google and secured top position in unique web traffic received collectively for all web properties under its control excluding tumblr. Yahoo and its other companies collectively received 196.6 million visitors against google’s 192.3 million for the month of july. The credit goes to yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who has taken Continue reading →

Google doodle honored french music composer Claude Debussy

Google animated doodle honors french musician Claude Debussy Google doodle honored french music composer Claude Debussy with an animated piece on his 151th birthday on 22nd august. Achille-Claude Debussy often regarded as a great composer of impressionist music had been awarded the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1903 by meantime french empire. The animated doodle includes a full moon playing hide and seek with sparse clouds and a car running on the road parallel to the river with two boats in the scene. Continue reading →

Mozilla firefox tamil version coming soon

The popular web browser mozilla firefox tamil version is coming soon. The development came from a team of 10 volunteers part of mozilla local community who worked on the project almost for a year and were involved in translation of the browser menu items and other settings in tamil. The team members were made available the frequently used tamil words in order to assist them in translation and were reviewed after every change. Mozilla firefox is a open source freely available web browser ranks third Continue reading →

Waze real time incident report integrated with google maps application

Google maps application for apple’s iOS has integrated the real time incident report from waze, The crowd sourced cross platform mapping application which the search engine giant acquired a couple of months ago. The blending of waze real time incident report into google maps application will provide mutual benefit to their users. Where on one side google maps application users get facilitated by accessing the waze real time incident report including traffic updates helping them avoid jams and road blockage or any other obstacles in Continue reading →

How to create a twitter widget for your website

Creating a twitter widget for any public timeline and putting that on your website is a great idea. How twitter widget on your website not only let your visitors aware about what is happening around the corner concerned with your website but also delivers them great interactive experience with your twitter timeline. Twitter is a pioneer among social media websites and hence plays a significant role in attracting traffic to your website. With twitter widget on your website, your visitors can do all the stuff Continue reading →

Adwords keyword planner forecasts your campaign peformance

Adwords is well equipped with several effective tools which let advertisers enhance their online advertisementexperience. Adding to this is adwords keyword planner which almost forecasts your campaign performance prior to its going live. As an efficient research tool, it includes several features which let users view in advance how their campaigns will perform against a particular set of keywords and on a given range of bid price for CPC. Adwords keyword planner definitely having an edge over keyword tool as the former has enhanced functionality Continue reading →

Google doodles 67th year of indian independence

Google doodles 67th year of Indian independence today on 15th august with a tricolor ribbon transformation in cursive letters of its logo on home page. Inclusion of golden color instead of saffron have raised several online voices over different social media opposing google doodle style tribute to indian independence. Although the mistake was admitted by google and the golden part of ribbon was replaced by kesaria(saffron) till afternoon. Google started doodling indian independence since 2003 when it showed the Ashok chakra  and indian national flag Continue reading →

Facebook plans acquiring mobile technologies for voice apps

Facebook plans acquiring mobile technologies, a company established in 2001 pioneer in voice apps technology including speech recognition and language translation applications. The announcement made in a blogpost on monday by facebook director of product management Tom Stocky with a view ” Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution.” The plan will add value to facebook efforts to provide cutting edge mobile Continue reading →

Google new maps application version enhances local ads experience

Recently updated google new maps application version for iphone,android and ipad offers effective and result oriented platform for adwords local ads advertisers. Google new maps application version has integrated enhanced feature where relevant ads will show below on the device screen and include a title,ad text and a link to get direction.Further details is available as click to “get details” against standard CPC charge for adwords advetisers.When users click on “get location details” they can see more information about the ads which may include the Continue reading →