Google analytics real time api opens new door to insights

Google analytics real time API Beta launching announcement last week in their official blog post will open new door to real time insights and provide marketers take optimum benefit of google analytics real time metrics.Google Analytics standard report real time seems to be live telecast of visitors flow over your site where you see exactly how active users accessing your site in real time. When it comes to real time, its a significant feature google analytics team integrated two and half years ago and since Continue reading →

Google adwords upgraded quality score feature

Google adwords upgraded quality score feature related to specific keywords few days ago and now it has included three indicators such as expectedclick through rates , ad relevance and landing page experience which help you find the impact on your ads quality score for specific keywords. So,how these factors signify your overall quality score for a particular keyword in connection of your ads under a given ad group? First of all you need to know about adwords quality score feature and its relative importance in Continue reading →

Facebook introduces embedded post feature

Sooner or later this had to be a part of facebook as embedded post feature is already a hit with twitter users when they rolled it out january 2012.Announcing in facebook official blog post Software engineers Dave Capra & Ray He have written that Embedded posts let users to bring the most compelling, timely public posts from Facebook to the rest of the web. Post embedding works as a virtual newsfeed on your websites or blogs and can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content Continue reading →

Is facebook mobile advertisement revenue the next big online story?

The recent soaring facebook share prices tell the story itself just after an official announcement of  mobile advertisement revenue growth and no prize for guess if mobile advertisement is going to surpass its big brother, the desktop and laptop advertisement in terms of revenue a couple of years down the line.Facebook did it again and why not they have made a massive 1 billion plus user base who have made it an integral part of their lives irrespective of devices they use. What has triggered an Continue reading →

Pinterest adds do not track feature

The leading social interest sharing website pinterest has announced that it has added the “Do not track” feature in order to boost the privacy of the users. The announcement has came at a time when most of the leading websites going for tracking users surfing behavior using cookies to target with specific ads on higher prices. Writing to the pinterest official blogpost, it says”We’re excited to give everyone a more personalized experience, but we also understand if you’re not interested! We support Do Not Track, Continue reading →

Google rolls back free netflix offer with chromecast

The search engine giant google has rolled back its offer of free netflix subscription for 3 months with web to tv streaming dongle chromecast, just a day after its launch. It is being said that unexpected huge demand of the latest offering by google moved it to roll back the offer. The product went viral over ebay just after an hour of its launch,where people had been paying $100 instead of its offer price at $35 including the 3 month netflix streaming. However it is Continue reading →

Slideshare with advanced infographics support player

World leading professional linking site linkedin owned slideshare is now equipped with advanced infographics support player as announced by the company on Thursday. Slideshare is a web 2.0 based slide hosting website where users can upload and manage their files in ppt,pdf,keynote and open office format. With advanced infographics support player slideshare viewers will able to share them on different social media channel and also embed them on other sites as they do for other slides. Users can upload their infographics as a single page Continue reading →

Google doodle pays tribute to rosalind franklin

Google doodle pays tribute to Rosalind Franklin today 0n 25th July, The great british biophysicist on her 93rd birthday, by changing its logo reflecting images of her and her contributions to the DNA double helix structure and X-ray crystallography. Died at very young age of 37 due to ovarian cancer on 16th april 1958, she is best known for her work on the X-ray diffraction images of DNA which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix . she also contributed by discovering fine Continue reading →

Five effective ways to enhance your online brand

Enhancing your online brand is an important part of your online marketing activity. Time comes when you find your online brand visibility is just stagnant and not giving you expected results in terms of inbound traffic related brand perception and also hampering your bottom line despite of all your effort you put in creating ad campaigns, Here I mention five effective ways which help you enhance your online brand:- Go for responsive web design In the era of multiple devices( laptops,desktop,tabs,mobile phones) availability, going for Continue reading →

Pinterest lost to amazon for .pin domain extension.

In the latest development for controlling generic top level domain, Pinterest has lost its battle against amazon for .pin domain extension. Amazon had applied to secure control over .pin domain extension as part of the ICANN plan to release generic top level domain name for controlling by different interested companies. “pin” is the unofficial trademark of pinterest, the leading social platform for  sharing interest, used as bookmark, similar to “like” in facebook and “tweet” in twitter.  Pinterest jumped into the fight with amazon when it Continue reading →

Google doodles van rijn

Commemorating the greatest dutch painter and print-maker Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, google has doodled today on his 407th birthday with his famous “self portrait with beret and turned up collar” painting from 1659 A.D as iconic image as a respect to the legend. Often regarded as one of the most famous painter and print maker in European art history significantly contributed through his highly innovative style of impressionism painting in current flourishing dutch society known as dutch golden age painting. Google doodle started with bastile Continue reading →

Using canonical link for SEO

In web development world we often come across multiple pages having highly or almost similar content . This is something we need to tackle specifically in best manner from SEO point of view. Pages can have similar content and its not a web development best practices aberration but if ignored can hinder your objective of ranking high in search engines.So why search engines take this seriously. The highly complicated algorithm of search engines while crawling your website finds for unique content and index accordingly but Continue reading →

Will smith is a “fancy” investor

“Show me the money” tag seems to be unstoppable in social media world as fancy is the latest in the row has grabbed an investment of $53 Million as reported by Bloomberg. Fancy, a rival to pinterest has in the list non other than Hollywood Superstar Will Smith,Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey and American Express as major investors with current evaluation at $600 million. A new york based social interest e-commerce website having massive items of more than 100 million from different categories and one billion-plus Continue reading →

Facebook rolls out graph search for all

Ready to get rid of those pathetic results, facebook search has most of the time surprised you with but not in an expected manner. Although graph search features was launched in january this year only for a fraction of users by facebook but a series of tests by their engineer and consecutive further refining will be making it available only by now gradually to all US users as announced by  facebook officials. So what graph search feature will add to the users benefit? The answer Continue reading →

Maximize your ROI using adwords enhanced campaign

People these days not sticking to one device and frequently switching from one to another depending upon type of usage in order to remain in touch with others,find what they are looking for, from a range of products and services and of course not to forget the entertainment aspect associated with it. We say its a integrated technology era but what about the integrated technology being frequently accessed by multiple devices in day to day cycle and how to match their requirement with the offers Continue reading →