Twitter ads go cookies way.

Twitter has planned to initiate selling individually targeted cookies based advertisement soon as announced on Wednesday through their official blog post. Although this  initiative will confine to users in united states as of now. Kevin Well, The senior Director of Product & Revenue, has written that their focus is to make advertisement useful for users as well as the advertisers and this is why they are more concern about quality than quantity.   Cookies has always been a favorite to advertisers and why not cookies Continue reading →

Goal setting in google analytics | How to set goal in google analytics

Online advertisement  is a costly affair for marketers and  its ROI need to be calculated with best available tools in  order to let them plan their marketing campaigns more effectively. Google analytics is the best online marketing research tool available which let advertisers analyze their website  data on a number of parameters. Online advertisement significantly plays dual role which subsumes brand value augmentation and revenue generation. The evaluation of the earlier is a little bit complicated than the later. When it comes to analyze the Continue reading →

US federal trade commission probes google waze deal

Recently closed google waze deal has been put into trouble by US federal trade commission as it has asked  for the information related with it in order to get reviewed by the agency according to the report published on Saturday. Waze a Israel based developer crowdsourced  mapping application provides real time update about traffic conditions in streets and roads which benefit it users to plan for alternative routes to reach their destination. The deal happened earlier this month has provided google with  several enhanced features Continue reading →

A feedly farewell to google reader

Coming 1st of july , The day google reader will have the last nail in its coffin and this worry 8 millions of its users  inveterate of using it as their favorite feed aggregate. Although google had announced  last year that its going to shut down its feed aggregation service due to consecutive downfall in its user base. Google reader is a popular feed aggregation service let users keep track of their favorite websites,blogs,forums etc for any up to date content without need to visit Continue reading →

Images are now a part of facebook comment feed

Since long looking for a comment thread allowing users to post images alternatively with text is now on the board as facebook launched this specific features to users across the globe, confirmed by their officials on wednesday. A feature already integrated with search engine giant social networking site “google plus”. Commenting as images can be more expressive and engaging sometimes  than that of texts and this is why feature is a part of comment feed on facebook timeline. Photo comments are a product of one Continue reading →

Instagram to add vine like short video clip

The content feed rivalry between facebook and twitter is on and this has come to the next level with sources reported  facebook owned instagram is going to equip with short video clip feature very soon in order to get a competitive edge against twitter’s vine. Vine was launched by twitter in january  for iphones and further added for android version this month surpassed clip sharing on twitter against those of  instagram images. the reason behind  may be due to removal of a function that allowed Continue reading →

Google launched project loon to access internet

The accessibility of internet in remote areas is a big concern nowadays and surprisingly despite of being a medium which connects people around the globe, About two third of the world population are still unable to easily access the internet due to weak or almost no signal availability. Keeping this in mind the search engine giant google inc has launched “project loon” which is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill Continue reading →

Is facebook RSS reader that mysterious big idea?

Coming 20th june this month facebook is going to reveal some sort of so called “big idea” confirmed by invitation sent to press members by a snail mail from facebook which reads” A small team is working on a big idea.Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.” This announcement is closely in trial with recent hashtag feature integration which enables facebook users aggregate comments on a specific topic or discussion in a group.                                                                                            This has created a curiosity among users and Continue reading →

And here facebook too goes for hashtag

In a recent announcement facebook officials have confirmed that they have introduced hashtag in order to provide its audience a feature to follow what other users viewpoint on a specific discussion or topic. hashtag is already a popular feature firstly introduced by twitter and then followed by pinterest among social media websites  enables users to follow specific topics of conversation within a group ever-changing stream of user comments. Hashtag is a much enhanced feature of keeping an eye on what others thinking over a topic Continue reading →

Brand value as new ranking factor post penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 is over but not the worry of thousand of webmasters all over the world. The reason is simply priority change in search algorithms.Not many days has gone when you wake up early , entered your keywords and found your webpages you never expected they lie there below PR10 and lower. What happened to the algorithms based on which you put all your hard work day by day for sufficiently long to bring your own or your clients website ranked high and ultimately your Continue reading →

Several new features added to google wallet

Recently held Google I/O developer conference came with several announcements include new updates to highly rated among google products, the wallet. although it was there for some time but additional features have been added to it which allow users to make payment via email and simultaneously linked with several available loyalty cards from different companies.  Its integration with gmail will facilitate transfer of money safely through your email account. So where to find wallet… Its easy to configure wallet in few minutes as per following Continue reading →

Social media marketing is on rise in india

Social media marketing in india is on rise and gaining popularity among Indian corporates and  this trend is not confined to only companies into online products and services but extended to manufacturing to real estate and agro-based industries to hospitality. Gradually they are also realizing the power of social media in creating awareness about their products and services. However, use of social media as a platform related to brand identity rather than just focusing on targeted revenue is  prevalent among companies from all sectors. The Continue reading →

Making your first adword campaign

Google adwords let you make and display your advertisement related to specific keywords of your product or service in the search result. If you new to adwords and looking for exploring  its power in online advertisement , this article is for you. here we will see how you can create your first adword campaign from scratch. If you already have a gmail account then you can visit and log in with your gmail id to google adwords account. you will show your dashboard screen.  here Continue reading →

Guest posting as link building strategy

Link building is something establishing trust and growing reputation of your website.its one of the most significant off page optimization.The number of inbound links not only direct traffic towards your website but also establish trust among visitors.Every inbound link is like a vote in the glance of search engine crawlers and let them rank your website in search results.However link building strategy should have its own limitation and must be with in the prescribed purview.                                                                     There are several ways you can build links for Continue reading →

Best Onpage SEO Practices

So you have decided to bring your business online and planning to launch a website. This is the point where you should start thinking about your SEO strategy. It should go in hand with your website development plan to get a competitive advantage as well as  save  time to be ranked high in search engine results. SEO is a complex task and time taking. its not like an overnight job and you expect from your seo agency to provide you top ranking in few hours Continue reading →