What’s new in google upgraded tag manager

Recently google has upgraded tag manager adding several new features making tag management on websites more easy.

new tag manager

The purpose for this up gradation is to provide a more robust and flexible tagging platform which can provide users more customization options aligning with their specific requirement.

 More third party templates

Google tag manager not only supports tags from different google products but also tags from third parties. Extending the support for this the updraded tag manager will have availability for more third parties templates which you can update from tag manager. many popular internet marketing research, affiliated marketing and specific purpose advertisement companies templates will be integrated in coming days.

 The new Tag Manager API

Sometimes you may be looking for specific needs as far as administration accessibility is concerned, you want flexibility which can fulfill your desired requirement. The new upgraded tag manager API has introduced several properties for fulfilling your purpose. It has come up with additional and more robust features which you can use to make a more flexible platform allowing different sets of role based permissions to users in your own organization. Apart from that now you can control bulk users permissions flow from a single interface to your clients base.

An improved interface

The new upgraded tag manager interface has been designed as such even a non -technical users can use and understand it with ease. The interface are well structured with default workflow which can be easily understandable and can be used even by someone new to tag manager. If any one is already familiar with google analytics or adwords, the task will be be more simple for him since, the structure of tag manager has much similarity with them apart from differences in their functionality.

The new tag manager has most of the tools a webmasters looks for managing tags hassle free. You can start using the new tag manager by simply login to your account.